Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Create n Carve Event Roundup

Thanks to everyone who sent in their fruit carving pictures and vegetable carving photos in participation with this event! If anyone is interested, the July event is being hosted here:

These first 4 photos are fruit, veggie and candy arrangements for a graduation party

by Qamar Khan

Watermelon Basket by Soujanya

Rose Flower with Cucumber by Soujanya

Honeydew Bunny by Soujanya

Stork by Vardhini Balasubramanian

Cantaloupe Seahorse by Rita Loccisano

Watermelon Rose by Nayna

Triple Rose by Nayna

Double Rose by Nayna

Carrot and Apple Roses by Nayna

Melon Tower by Carved Memories

Beach Scene by Melissa Eschbaugh

Watermelon Flower by Katq Sabeva