Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fruit Carving Tools And Knives

International Culinary Carving Set 80 Piece, Wood Case

I have a lot of tools to carve fruit and vegetables into fruit baskets, bowls, bouquets and other edible arrangements but when I saw this set online.....well, I want it! They are the professional Thai style fruit carving tools and knives with wood handles, 80 pieces in all!

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  1. i've had experience with this set & I can't believe professional carvers would use something of such poor workmanship. The tools themselves felt wimpy. As I tried them out, I imagined some guy in his home gluing each tool together, smiling at how much he would make on suckers thinking they were getting professional quality tools. None of the knives were sharp, either. Maybe I was using a different set from a different source but after my experience I am cautious about purchasing "sets".