Friday, August 27, 2010

Fruit Carving Tool Set Reviews

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about fruit carving tools and I thought I would take the opportunity to review a couple of complete fruit carving tool sets that are good for first time buyers. I kept in mind that the set should have at least one of each basic tool including a knife and should be moderately priced.

#1 - 22 Piece Fruit Carving Tool Set with Wood Case (about $68)

I feel that this one is the best deal for the money because it has the most common, usable pieces at a reasonable price per piece. This set includes multiple sizes of each type/shape of tools and knifes that would cover a wide variety of designs.

Negatives: Wood handles are not dishwasher safe and requires hand washing and drying of tools.

#2 - 9 Piece Fruit Carving Set with Vinyl Case (about$50)

Silicone handles makes these tools dishwasher safe and easier to grip, vinyl pouch carrying case with zipper makes this set compact and portable and the quick reference card with description of each tools uses is great for beginners.

Negatives: Only one size of each tool included in set.

#3 - 80 Piece Fruit Carving Set with Wood Case (about $130)

This is the set I own and it is the most complete set I have ever seen in the under $150 price range. It has all the tools from the 22 piece version as well as 24 more tools that are a little more uncommon but still very useful. It also includes 34 stencil/cookie cutter shapes, 8 of which are Chinese lettering or symbols. Great set for someone who is serious about fruit and vegetable carving but may be overkill for someone who is new to fruit carving.

Negatives: Wood handles are not dishwasher safe and requires hand washing and drying of tools.


  1. These knife sets are truely elegant but for most sculptors 1 or two different knives work to carve pretty much any carving. Ma-sa-man's Thai cooking school BKK professional carvers use only one knife to accomplish their works. All this means is it doesn't have to be expensive to learn to carve.

  2. You are right, Thai fruit carvers rarely use more than a knife to carve but one of those knives are $40+ and takes a lot of practice to become efficient using it. The sets listed here are for beginners and they use other tools to cut quick and even. I am not a Thai fruit carver and I teach a unique American style of carving fruit and vegetables which is why I picked these tool sets for my followers, because I use them myself!

  3. This is definately the right tool set for carving edible fruit into nice arrangements.i use them to curve my watermelons and pineapples.