Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

This was my Halloween pumpkin carving, it is definitely not my best work but I am still proud of it. I tried a couple new techniques and did not finish my drawing out my stencil until right before carving my pumpkin, so the whole project was a bit rushed.

I did the stencil myself with a little help from my printer/scanner/copier and I used a tip I saw online that used cornstarch (or flour) to make the tiny stencil guide holes easier to see. Now the tip did as advertised, making the holes easier to see but I had to take more care to make sure all traces of the white powder where gone.

If you look at my stencil, you can see that there is a bat hanging off of a tree branch right in the middle of the pumpkin carving stencil ..... poor planning, my branch was to thin and the bat too big, they did not make it.


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  2. I love your fruit carvings. This month I am running a create and carve event on my blog: I would love it if you submitted a couple of your carvings.


    Mina Joshi