Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Entry For Create N Carve - Fruit and Veg Event

Last month I heard about this event but because of the holiday crazies I never entered any of my vegetable or fruit carvings ... come to find out, this event is being hosted on a different blog each month. It is not a contest because their is no judging, it just a friendly event in which you try new things and get better.

Learn more at the event host's blog:

Or learn more about the entire event:

My entry:

"Very Edible Christmas Tree Arrangement"


I cut the stem of the broccoli pieces at an angle like a wedge.


I used a craft store foam cone, left it in it's wrapper and added a layer of plastic wrap. The broccoli was secured in by toothpicks on the bottom row and then I just slide the next couple of rows in behind the last row.

I only put in toothpicks every couple rows just to hold it together.

For the garland I used carrot curls that I cut to size.


I secured the carrot garland with toothpicks, I left the ends of the toothpicks exposed and then added my cherry tomatoes to the exposed ends.

Simple cucumber flower with radish center.

I love using mini bell peppers as flowers, very colorful and simple. Just quarter the pepper down to the stem base taking care not to cut through and cut the membrane out that keeps the peppers shape.

Keep all your veggie flowers in ice cold water so they will start to open and curl like flowers.

Use green onion (just the dark green straw part) to make the wood skewer look more like flower stems.


  1. This creation is fantastic and so very beautiful.Thanks for sending it in for the event.

  2. Wow, this absolutely amazing. Very creative.

  3. Linda

    Please visit my blog and collect an Award for your blog -

    Mina Joshi

  4. your christmas tree is amazing!