Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Create n Carve - Fruit and Veg Event

I am very happy to be hosting the June Create n Carve Event on my blog! It was started by Nayna of Simply.Food a couple of months ago and has be getting bigger and better every month! It is not a contest, just a challenge to find something to new to carve and share the pictures. At the end of the month I am going to post all the photos on my blog. It is really fun, because you get to see the progress of your fellow bloggers and fruit carving lovers from month to month ... won't you join us? ;-)

So here is how it works ... First, find something to carve!

I have a couple step by step fruit carving and garnishing videos (to give you some basic ideas) on my YouTube channel here: Fruit Carving Videos or sign up for my email newsletter and get fruit and vegetable carving projects sent to your inbox.

Also there is a huge list on the Simply.Food blog that has tons of how to videos:

Next, post your photo on your blog, this is your entry into this event. Entries must include:
• Use of Create n Carve logo as it promotes the event
• Multiple entries and Archived entries allowed if re posted
• Link back event to both of the following pages:

Last, send me an email and make sure that it has the following:

Blog Name:
Post Name:
Post URL:
Image no larger than 300 pixels as attachment.

Hey, if you are into that Facebook thing like me, come check out the event I posted on there and click that you are attending :-)


  1. Will definately start carving thanks Linda for guest hosting this event.

  2. Thanq ..for the lovely instructional videos.
    looking forward for the event.
    will send my entries soon....

  3. Hi Linda! I'd like to participate with Hello Kitty watermelon

  4. Hi Linda! Here is also my contribution, it is a seahorse out of a cantaloupe slice:
    Hope you like it. See you!