Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Attempt At Pumpkin Carvings, For Now

After my last post, I was so disappointed with the way my 3D pumpkin face and Jack O Lantern turned out that I scoured the internet looking for basic tips on carving faces into pumpkins. I did, after all, still have a cute little mini pumpkin that was a table decoration! What kind of self respecting carver would just let it go? I don't know the answer to that question but I do know that I could not!

I found a video of Ray Villafane on Martha Stewart's show ... well actually 3 videos, it is his whole segment cut into 3 pieces ... but he shows lots of great tips to getting the pumpkin face started and adding eyes! Now, he doesn't give too much away in the videos, after all he is there to promote his DVD for sale, but it was enough to help me make this tiny 3D pumpkin face which is way better then the one I made last week (see post below)!

I am also re-posting my Jack O Lantern picture after I did a little surgery to make the lighting stand out better!

Yayyy, let's carve something!!!

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